The Eurovision Island

J'Aime La Vlie

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Canceled in 2021, due to COVID regulations. Back in 2022!

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Het Programmathe 2022 schedule will be communicated later

  1. Vlieland 2021
  2. vr 10 sept.
  3. za 11 sept.
  4. zo 12 sept.

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De artiesten van 2021....dit zijn ze voorlopig.....


Stortemelk / De Bolder

Kampweg 1, 8899 BX VlielandCamping
Andere locaties:
Dorpskerk (1,6 km)
Disco de Stoep (1,5 km)
Jachthaven (1,3 km)
Veerboot (1,2 km)
Amsterdam (129 km)
Rotterdam (208,1 km)

Onze sponsors

J'aime la Vlie komt mede tot stand door onze sponsoren. Als jouw bedrijf ook zou willen bijdragen aan het succes van het evenement, neem dan vooral contact met ons op.
J'aime la Vlie could only be made possible with the help of our sponsors. If you'd like to be one of them, don't hesitate to contact us.

F.A.Q. Everything you want to know.....

How do I get to Vlieland?

There are multiple Rederij Doeksen ferries a day, that will take you from harlingen to Vlieland in 45-105 minutes. Harlingen can be reached by car, train and for the ocassion also by bus from Utrecht and Amsterdam. You cannot take your car to the island as this is only permitted for locals.

Can I come to the island too if I really don't like camping?

You can bring your own tent or sleep on a real bed in one of the well equipped rental tents available at campsite Stortemelk. But of course hotels are also available in the village which is about 1.5 kilometres away. Please check the special offers at Stortemelk and at certain hotels!

How do I get around on the island?

Driving is no option, but there are busses and taxis. The most common way to get around however is by foot or bike. Bikes can be rented for a day or the whole weekend. Your JLV-passe-partou will give you discount on rental bikes!

What else can we do on Vlieland?

The camping site is just meters away from the beach, so you can start the day with a dip in the North Sea. Furthermore Vlieland is a beautiful place for all kinds of activities like walking, biking, surfing, etc. There are also excursions to the uninhabited and completely sandy west side of the island - the 'Sahara of the North' - and to the sea where you might bump into some seals. There are also plenty of nice little restaurants and bars without getting annoyingly mass-touristic.

I might miss J'aime la Vlie this year, will there be a second edition?

We certainly hope so!

Can we extend our stay on Vlieland?

Of course you can come earlier or stay longer. Discounts on accomodation might not be valid on these other days though.